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Black Elk Peak (Formerly Harney Peak Lookout) by @CarShowShooter

Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak) is the highest natural point in South Dakota, United States. It lies in the Black Elk Wilderness area, in southern Pennington County, in the Black Hills National Forest.The peak lies 3.7 mi west-southwest of Mount Rushmore. At 7,242 feet, it has been described by the Board on Geographical Names as the highest summit in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. Although part of the North American Cordillera (the Rocky Mountains in a broader sense) the Chisos Mountains of the Big Bend of Texas are far east of the continental divide and contain mountains higher than Black Elk peak and range from 14 to 16 (nautical) miles further east at 103°15′29″W. It is also known as Hiŋháŋ Káǧa (in Lakota). The U.S. Board on Geographic Names, which has jurisdiction in federal lands, officially changed the mountain's name from "Harney Peak" to "Black Elk Peak" on August 11, 2016, honoring Black Elk, the noted Lakota Sioux medicine man for whom the Wilderness Area is named. Professional but unofficial measurements in 2016 found the highest natural rock to be at 7,231.32 feet NAVD88 and the nearby secondary peak slightly lower at 7,229.41 feet.
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بروڈ پیک (Broad Peak) دنیا کی 12ویں اور پاکستان کی چوتھی سب سے اونچي چوٹی ہے۔ یہ قراقرم کے سلسلہ میں پاکستان اور چین کی سرحد پر واقع ہے۔اس کی بلندی 8047میٹر / 26400 فٹ ہے۔اسے سب سے پہلے 9 جون 1957 کو ایک آسٹرین ٹیم نے سر کیا۔ Read further
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