Photos of Fort Saint Elmo

Central courtyard and church of St Anne by Linda DV


The church of St Anne , which has an early 18th century baroque façade overlooking the renovated Piazza d’Armi (upper parade ground), was desecrated during the British period and its interior was completely remodelled.
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Built by grandmaster Perellos, this garrison church was dedicated to St Anne and housed an icon of the Blessed Virgin, brought to Malta from Rhodes by the knights in 1530
Fort Saint Elmo is a tourist attraction, one of the Forts in Valletta, Malta. It is located: 5.7 km from Sliema, 9.7 km from Haż-Żabbar, 11 km from Il-Fgura, 11 km from Ham Rum, 12 km from San Ġwann. Read further
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