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Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña by Rob Oo

Constructed after the capture of Havana by British forces and named San Carlos de la Cabaña in honor of King Carlos III, this 700-meter long fortress is the largest in the Americas. It was designed by army engineer Silvestre Abarca and features the most advanced military defensive concepts of the 18th century. It cost so much that King Carlos III requested a spyglass to see it, claiming that such an expensive project–approximately 14 million gold pesos–could surely be seen from Madrid.
La Cabaña (Español: Fortaleza de San Carlos de La Cabaña) is a tourist attraction, one of the Forts in Havana, کیوبا. It is located: 240 km from Matanzas, 354 km from Unknown City, 481 km from Pinar del Río, 680 km from Cienfuegos, 780 km from S... Read further
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