Photos of Percy Burn Viaduct

Percy Burn Viaduct - west end by digitaltrails

Western side of the Percy Burn looking toward DOC's Percy Burn hut on the other side.

Some of the summer growth was starting to obscure the view. I cropped the image a bit, and digitally removed the tip of sapling on the on the left side of the picture. If you desire a totally real view, you should crop at the left edge of the hut. I also under exposed to retain the clouds and shifted the curves to drag the exposure back up to where it should be.

Percy Burn Viaduct is a tourist attraction, one of the Bridges in Port Craig, نیوزی لینڈ. It is located: 247 km from Invercargill, 382 km from Gore, 520 km from Queenstown, 760 km from Dunedin. Read further
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